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Our main focus is the African region

When it comes to Fashion & Outdoor our main focus is the African region.

Africa is a land of business opportunities for luxury brands. The expansion of the middle class has caused a marked increase in disposable income and a constantly growing appreciation of luxury brands. 70 per cent of the population of African nations is under the age of 30. These people are young, vibrant, elegant and trendy. They’re aspirational. They love luxury. They love beauty. At Medcom Trading, we target exactly this group and we study them deeply in order to better serve their needs.

We specialize in the distribution of internationally recognized sportswear and outdoor brands, shoes, accessories, womenswear, menswear, and jewelry. Our strategic network involves the most prominent wholesalers and retailers of outdoor equipment and clothing, as well as flagship boutiques.

We offer outdoor and fashion enthusiasts specialty knowledge, quality products and personal service, delivering each customer a unique shopping experience.

If you would like to boost your business and are in search of a good and reliable Financier, or if you are a brand owner who understands the enormous benefits and potential of the emerging markets in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and wants to be a part of them, please, do not hesitate to contact us! The rest is our job…


Manufacturer: Columbia Sportswear Company

Brands: Columbia

Category: Sportswear

Manufacturer: Deuter Sport GmbH

Brands: Deuter

Category: Bags & Accessories

Manufacturer: Patagonia Inc.

Brands: Patagonia

Category: Sportswear

Manufacturer: The North Face, A VF Company

Brands: The North Face

Category: Foot and sportswear